Thursday, March 19, 2015

Health Care Governance

Want to know why health care in America will never work? 

If you say Obamacare, I will find you and I will cut you. 

Here is the rundown . . .
caregivers, families and communities see a need. 

Innovative thinking and practicality overcomes traditional doing things for no good reason. 

For example, if grandma was able to die at home with people she wanted to be around instead of spending four months in a hospital gown in a semi private room 

she wouldn't be isolated, family would feel useful and no one pays the hospital a quarter of a million dollars! What a concept.

Medicare catches on, looks at the bottom line (no quarter of a million dollars!?!) and gives a thumbs up. 

Then, pay attention because this is when things fall apart, the CEOs set up shop and bill like crazy.

Regulations become ridiculous and all good intentions are obliterated. 

In my old and crabby social work career I've worked crisis care, hospice, home health, skilled rehab, specialized dementia care, palliative care and in home case management. 

Give it enough time and care has little to do with services and assistance and everything to do with . . . 

say it with me . . . 

you know this one . . . 

M O N E Y 

Let's just say that every really bad management idea appears to be the basics in health care governance.

Not to worry. My place of employment, where all things are done in a wise and productive way, have dramatically increased the micro-management staff rather than the actual doing stuff staff. 

In work related events, I am kindly informed that I am incorrect per micro-management staff group A AND simultaneously incorrect for the opposite and conflicting reason per micro-management staff group B. 

However, I have also been informed that I will now be more productive and simultaneously I will be a more content employee, so it must be true.

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