Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy Birthday #3

My youngest is turning 15 in a few days. She has recently been intrigued by three things of note; camo, trucks and entertainment from my teen years. 

Lately the docket has been The Dukes of Hazzard, Footloose and the Rocky movies. She was very enthusiastic about Dolph Lundgren for awhile and loves the story about the fight scene.

The first shots of the fight scene are actual hits. Stallone is 5’ 9” and Lundgren is 6’ 5”.  Stallone was hit hard enough in the chest that his ended up in ICU for 9 days. Insurance refused to pay, claiming that the type of injury occurred during car wrecks. He ended up showing them footage and they agreed to pay.

A few more Savannah stories.
Savannah: How old do you have to be to move out
Me: At least 18.
Savannah: But what if I move with four friends
Me: No honey. It isn’t cumulative age of all participants. You still need to be 18.

She went through a period where she forbade me from swearing, with the exception of a “swearable” moment. In the event of such a moment, she would identify the event as “swearable” and then authorize the use of profanity.  Once Thrift Store was released, she sang it verbatim and lost her credibility.

Savannah: Mom can we go to that zip line place?
Me: (internal dialogue – you mean in the 100 degree heat with the millions of kids? Wow that does sound like fun.) Um OK
Savannah: Mom you will earn a million good mom points!
We went to the zip line place.

She has more optimism and athletic ability than her genetics allow. When she was in middle school, Savannah called me one day.  “Mom, they had volleyball try outs and I tried out OK?  If I don’t make it I’ll just try out for soccer.”

“Mom, I don’t like cleaning the house so I’m pretending that this is my locker and I’m a little ant.  Then I’m just cleaning my locker ‘cause that is easy.”

One of my favorite days with Savannah (a few years ago):
She showed me how to Duggie and how to do the Cat Daddy so I would be a cool dancer. 

I took her and her friend bowling. There was a birthday party doing The Cha Cha Slide so I engaged in a brief seated Duggie. The kid immediately disallowed any further use of my newly acquired dancing skills.

Then, a dad a few lanes down, broke out in some full on MC Hammer! His kids fled, faces covered. I suddenly looked like a much better parent. 

On the way home, she messed around changing the radio and doing the bravado chest thump. I calmly took out my gum and attempted to stick it on her forehead. The mom in the SUV beside me, stuck her hand out the window and give me a big thumbs up.  

Ah parenting. 

Actually, she is great kids and I am very happy she is my kid.

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