Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Birthday #2

It is almost the end of birthday month extraorinaire and my middle kid will have a birthday in a few days. Sierra is a fantastic combination of wit, smarts and defender of fair play. She taught herself Japanese and she shares my quirky sense of humor.

A few bits about Sierra:
Conversation in junior high “Mom, are you a witch?”  “I guess it depends on who you ask.” “If you were a witch that would be awesome because then I could be the daughter of a witch.”  “Is that like a son of a bitch?”  “Mom, it means I would be part witch and that would be awesome.”  At this time, decline to confirm or deny.

During an elementary school play, she took a paperback on stage and read a few pages between her lines. I totally understand her need for time management! 

When Sierra learned to walk, one of the first things she would do is climb into the lower kitchen cupboard and shut the door. When someone walked by, she would swing open the door and growl at them. Then she would giggle. 

Even then you could tell she would grow up with a twisted sense of humor. That’s my girl!

You know Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck? How about Looney Tunes? The Abominable Snow Rabbit scoops up Daffy and says, “I will love him and hug him and squeeze him and call him George.”  Point is, the newly named “George” does not do well. In an similar designation, my pre-teen kid, when faced with a permanently lost or broken item would announce, “Call it Joe.” Pretty clever.

In first grade, after school one day, “I’m delectable that means I’m delightful.”

I starting collecting tiny houses and lined them up on a living room shelf. One day, Sierra bought a glass wolf to terrorize the town.

My favorite Sierra story. . . In Junior High she had two boys ask her to the Halloween dance and again to the Valentines Dance.  She worked it out that all three went as friends. 

Not many adults could pull off that level of diplomacy.

Happy Birthday! You are an awesome kid.  

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