Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Birthday #1

We have entered the Month 'o Birthdays, in which all three of my lovely kids were born. (Hence the March in Marchmatron.) 

A few bits about Montana. 

Montana was pretty little when Shabby and Chic were put together. I loved it but the adoration was not universal. With Montana’s help, I hung branches as curtain rods and added tie-tabs curtain panels.  

Pleased with the outcome, she told me, “Oh mom! It is beautiful. Dad will hate it, won’t he?” Pretty insightful for a four year old. 

When was in Junior High. She came home one day, “Guess what mom. I’m on the High School swim team.” “Fabulous but how did that happen?” “There were signs up and I went to try out.” So not only is she athletic (through no genetic inheritance from me) but she also has some pretty ballsy take no prisoners determination. 

Montana, along with 300 other girls, was chosen to go to Arizona Girl’s State. After four days, this is her report back. “I’ve seen enough of estrogen to last me while.” “We all had estrogen goggles. That means if a boy walked by we would all stare at him because there wasn’t enough testosterone.”

Once swim team and powderpuff football ended, Montana joined the track and field team. “Mom, I’m the field NOT the track.” She does the shot put and the discus. How cool would it have been (at least for me) to be one of those tough girls who could throw things?

A few years ago, after I refused to buy her another snowboard, she told me, “Thank you mother. Thank you for teaching me the lesson of disappointment.”

Trying to talk to Montana about boyfriends, “Mom! Can’t you be a normal mom, like my friend’s mom. She never talks about things and she makes brownies.”

Montana loved the video “Man, I Feel Like a Woman!” where Shania Twain wears lots of tight leopard print. We were shopping and in the underwear section was a pair of leopard print panties. Montana was amazed that there was actually something you could buy with leopard print. “Mom! Look! It’s feel like a woman underpants!”

Happy Birthday sweet girl.
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