Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dad, Utah Style

Remember this dad?

The one who wore homemade Daisy Dukes in response to his daughter’s refusal to change clothes?

This is another Utah dad. 

He waved goodbye to his 16-year-old son as he boarded the bus for the first day of school.  The son requested that his mother intervene to prevent further waving.

For the next 179 school days the dad waved goodbye in different costumes.

Here is the part where location came in handy. 

He spent less than $50 and never wore the same costume twice. Lots of borrowing, ingenuity and thrift store rummaging.

The son reported, “Everybody else on the bus learned to like it a lot sooner than I did.”

However, he does agree that eventually he will tell his kids, “If you think this is embarrassing, you should hear what my dad did to me.”

On one web site, people left comments and a few freaked out over the cruel nature of the dad and the psychological damage done to the kid.  (Seriously.) Most thought it was fantastic.

One mom, when her kid was consistently late, walked her to school while she wore pink pajamas and fuzzy slippers. The tardiness ended.

The best comment was a reversal in embarrassment and one that will make all of my siblings jealous. 

A mom reported that her kids, when being forced to run errands, will hobble around store while loudly pretending to be the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 


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