Friday, February 6, 2015

Puppy Sitting

We are puppy sitting a very tiny puppy. 

The big Berner boys are extremely tolerant and stretch out to allow jumping and nips. After two days, the puppy has discovered his vantage point is greatly improved while standing on their backs. The boys remain still and roll their eyes (seriously, there is eye rolling) until they have had enough. Then the very slowly sit up, sliding the interloper to the ground. 

The puppy desperately wants to hang out on the bed with my cranky adopt-a-Chihuahua. He is having NONE of it and he nimbly circles around the bed while the puppy stumbles after him.

When the puppy is on the floor, he cries to get on the bed but is skittish about a lift up. He waits until one of the big boys sits close to the edge of the bed. The puppy gets a galloping start and runs up the big boys’ haunches and back to access the bed. 

It makes me giggle and I think I have two very good and very patient big boys. (I also have one very spoiled, Prima Dona, adopt-a-Chihuahua.)

*Photos are not of my boys because my camera is sitting in a box somewhere waiting for me to discover it in a Christmas like manner when I unpack the garage. I did attempt to capture some images with the cell phone and then the laptop camera. The dogs were too interested in the mechanical devises to remain still. However, baring photos of actual canines involved in this story, these are reasonable facsimiles.

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