Thursday, February 5, 2015

Disney – I KNEW IT!

Have you weighed in on the vaccine / autism debate? 

I vaccinated my kids AND working with a medically fragile population, I’ve been required to be well vaccinated myself.  

That done, I pretty much ignored the issue other than the occasional eye roll and gratitude I live in an era of penicillin, vaccinations, autoclaves and spinal blocks during childbirth. 

Which is NOT to say that I have faith in several aspects of medical intelligence, overall American health or benevolent pharmaceutical intentions.

But now!! There is an underlying, Disneyland germy transfer causation PLUS an Arizona twist. 

(Recall the Arizona Zombie Apocalypse warning? Arizona has issues that not even Sherriff Joe can solve.) 

So now!?! Disneyland plus Arizona wackiness? Now I am all over it!

A clip posted by my sister Jamie.
There is actually a second clip, a follow up on the Doctor of Selfishness and it’s worth a little stick around.  

A summary from Jamie:
"If a child is so vulnerable like that, they shouldn't be going out into society," Dr. Wolfson (who refuses to vaccinate his kids). "I'm not going to sacrifice the well-being of my child. My child is pure," he added. "It's not my responsibility to be protecting their child." This is Dr. Wolfson's response to complaints from the parents of a 3 year old girl with leukemia when they found out she had been exposed to measles from a visit to a medical clinic and now has exposed her little baby brother who is too young to get vaccinated. This "doctor" claims he won't put chemicals in his kids just to protect other kids and the little girl probably got leukemia from her vaccine. 

What a jackass. There's a big difference between feeling vaccines aren't safe for your own kids, but to take that to the extreme of every kid that is vulnerable, including any baby too young to get vaccinated, should stay out of "society" including any type of medical facilities is absolutely the most selfish stance I have EVER heard about the whole vaccine debate. Really?! I can't imagine him as a parent- with his "pure" kids. How do you even argue with stupid?

Not waiting (for once) I’m posting the Jon Stewart commentary. (Yeah I know, I’m a Daily Show fanatic but it is like a big sugary, cocaine injected, brain treat!) A long clip . . . but worth it! And if you don't want to watch the entire damn thing - check in at 8:40 for the Zombies! 

My sister Wendy, the PA in training, posted a history of the vaccine-autism-correlation-liar-pants information, which is kind of sciencey and doesn’t have anything to do with Disneyland. 

There are also recent stats showing a decline in vaccinations in ‘Merica (good call - please go to Disneyland and stay there) concurrent with an increase in diagnosed cases of autism. A possible consideration is the change in diagnostic awareness and criteria rather than the discovery of immune system assistance.

A side note, the post quickly turned into a hope for selective viral production.
Me - Viruses are tricky little bastards and it would be good if they don't get a foothold on the population - unless they can be selected for politicians.
Wendy – Jackson (Wendy’s son) has been working on such a reverse-vaccine (targeting stupid people.)
Sister Julie - I'm glad to hear he has some worthy goals!

Wendy - You'd be amazed what loathing of the human race motivates one to do.
Julie – (Directed at me) Go downstairs and check on that. I'm sure you could add some subtle, yet invaluable hints on strategy.
Me - I would bet our cracker-jack government would never find him. So Ebola plus common cold with coding for the genes of Machiavelli, the Bothers Koch, the Kardashians and Ken Ham. Any other requests?

 Photo stolen from a post via sister Julie

If you are new to the middle-age, pessimistic, social work blog, there are five sisters and yeah we are all opinionated and outspoken. Come on over to family dinner and bring up something stupid like keeping your kid “pure”. 

I dare you. 

Creating a slight breach of etiquette by skipping the triple-dare-you . . . I triple-dog-dare you!

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