Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dark Chieftain

While watching Stephen Fry’s QI, and securing my place in geekdom, I learned a bit of trivia. 

Want to know!?!

Harald Blåtand Gormsson was a 10th century Danish King who united what is now Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

Do you know this one? 

Blåtand was a nickname, which could be interpreted as Blakkr Thegn or Dark Chieftan OR Dark Tooth and since Dark and Blue were the same word . . . Bluetooth! 

Did everyone know this? Is it just my lack of adequate nerd hood?

Bluetooth, named for the Royal, was created as an open standard to allow connectivity and collaboration.  

Nordic runes H (haglaz)

Nordic runes B (berkanan)

The symbol is a combination of the Nordic runes H and B.

I did not know!

Bonus trivia? 

One type of developmental genes are called Hedgehog genes. 

A specific gene, in this family, was named Sonic Hedgehog incorporating the previously named Tiggywinkle Hedgehog. 

Complete geek bliss!!

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