Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Regarding My Nephew

More bits and pieces regarding my 17 year old nephew, Sawyer 

Sawyer's father, James: Inherent Vice - DON'T go see that movie. You've been forewarned.

Me: Oh - I love his books. No good? What if Sawyer replaced the lead? What if Sawyer made his own movie of the book?

Sawyer’s brother River’s friend (got that?): River that's a cool pic of you with wolverine

Sawyer’s mom, Jamie: That kid could grow those chops when he was 15, he is a manly man.

My Sister, Emmy: My nephew, Sawyer (age 17) came to volunteer at my school. We were in the computer lab and one of my students had to go back to the class. When he came back Sawyer had left. He looked at me and said, "Oh, your grandson is gone? I didn't have a chance to thank him."

Sawyer: I guess when I have strep throat I get extremely disoriented and take a bath with my phone.

Sawyer’s Dad James: Good thing it wasn't a microwave.

Sawyer: I wonder if it will ever be legal in Arizona to deny service to bigots.

Me: Sure - as long as they are gay bigots or illegal bigots.

Sawyer: If you think an illegal immigrant with no connections and who hardly speaks English is going to take your job, you either need a confidence boost or you need to do your job better.

James: Sawyer’s time for solving Rubik's cube. He's losing his edge. 

Me: Can't wait for you to come visit. With that one event, the IQ in my house will be off the charts!

Sawyer: Tortoise Crush Tuesday goes out to this guy for sure. I think I will call him Oogway.

Sawyer: I hate knowing one day I will be trying to remember you.

My Sister Wendy:  Who is this?

Sawyer: Why don't all of the second amendment activists go try open carrying in Ferguson Missouri?

Sawyer: Fun fact - The USA would need to have a population of over 9.3 billion in order to have the same gun deaths per capita as Britain.

Me: But no shoe-bomb deaths!

Sawyer: I didn't know that there were 25 year olds that are so immature. Oh wait, yes I did.

River: Happy Birthday to my Brother Sawyer! Thanks for taking all the intelligence in the family!


Anonymous said...

I love Emmy's cute student, she is a wonderful Grandma. Some of this I haven't seen since Sawyer de-friended me when I commented on one of his posts not to swear. Lesson learned.

March Matron said...

Oh the parenting dilemma! You have a fantastic family. Glad I pass on some of the stuff your kid says. Love him.