Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Beyonce vs the CEO

One of my friends (you might have guessed we have alternative political leanings) posted this:

Ummm . . .

I don't think any of it is okay. How did we get to the point where public school teachers, health care aids who are responsible for intimate care for dementia and hospice patients and case managers in child protective services do not make a livable wage and are so overburdened they aren’t effective? Who is saying the CEOs don't make that amount of money even after they completely wipe out millions of peoples' retirements, create enormous environmental disasters and bankrupt homeowners?

Unfortunately, no responses yet, but the night is young!  Internet arguing, do things get any better!?!  

Sorting through comments, I’ll pass on a few, if I may.

Because BeyoncĂ© did not commit fraud and bring about a financial collapse, take a large bailout and give it out in bonuses. – comment by Mr. Granger.

How many CEOs today actually are these innovative creators and earn their millions in compensation and wages? How many have Ivy league educations, come from privileged backgrounds, and really didn't do much of anything other than network their way to the top? - comment by Ms. Regula

Do you also complain about your president and congress? CEO's have a lot more responsibility since they can be fired. - response by Mr. Messett

I think that the accumulation of wealth by all elected officials is more reprehensible than a Bonesman CEO because our elected officials are there to represent our interests. I have no delusions whose interest the CEO is concerned with. – counter response by me  

I think there's enough criminal theft to go all around starting with the government! - comment by Ms. Lee

You see lots of long winded lib replies but basically it gets down to: Beyonce means fun. CEO's only mean jobs. And libs automatically hate corporations. - comment by Mr. Messett

It's okay to make a lot of money as long as your a democrat and talk against making money? - comment by Mr. Siebertz

The words are "you are" not "your". learn English before posting!!!!!!!! - suggestion by Mr. Adams

But did the CEO have one of the best videos of all time? OF ALL TIME? - Comment by Mr. Prime

She doesn't even write her own music.- counter by Mr. Swain

Who is beyonce? – question by Mr. Nielsen


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