Friday, December 5, 2014

Then and ONLY Then . . .

Ted Haggard 
American evangelical pastor, 
founder of the New Life Church, 
founder of the Association of Life-Giving Churches 
Leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, 
busted for soliciting male prostitutes and crystal meth use, 
entered three weeks of intensive counseling, 
which was overseen by four ministers who, 
"gave Ted the tools to help to embraces his heterosexual side" 
not quite successful because Ted reports,
"I'm probably bisexual." 

WARNING: Not Safe for Friends & Family of Ted Haggard


Not safe for anyone who is offended by gay marriage, civil rights, questioning the bible, liberals or the F word.


If you are one of the above, don't watch. 


However, if you are not one of the above AND you find it a wee bit hypocritical that a flurry of very conservative politicians and prominent church leaders engage in gay sexual activity AND you have a sense of humor, then and ONLY then, may you watch.


Now Am Found! said...

omg i love your blog. thank you and merry christmas

March Matron said...

Thank you!! I keep thinking I should shut up already and get some work done. I really appreciate it!! Merry Christmas to you too.