Monday, December 15, 2014

My Contribution to the War

My contribution to the war . . . 

on Christmas.

I have to start by saying I don’t watch Fox "News" . . . 

because I’m not older than 82, 


so I don’t know if there still is a war on Christmas.
Is there? 

Did Christmas win? 

Did Walmart win?

Can we say Happy Holidays without threat of injury?  

I mean threat of injury in a Christ-like . . . 


Peace on Earth, 


That kind of threat. 

Here is Megyn of the creatively spelled, pretend I’m an avant-garde, Megan's: 

To give Megyn some credit, her Santa and Jesus are the same old white man who happens to live in Australia.

So you can understand the confusion. 

I would like to present one cultural counter point, 

and yep it’s a retread from last year, 

but oh my, so very, very worth another listen.

Merry Christmas, nearly everybody!
- Ogden Nash


Wendy McPitts said...

I love "6 to 8 Black Men." It doesn't get Christmasier than that!

March Matron said...

Unless it is Meygan Kelly and 6 to 8 Santa-helping Black Men.