Sunday, November 2, 2014


I have to admit to something very, very shameful. I wasn't going to vote this year because does it freaking matter!?! 

I'm even a PLLC (Professional Limited Liability Corporation) and no one calling my PLLC to see what issues are important to my Anti-Repeat-the-French-Revolution corporation, now are they?  

However, while avoiding charting for work, I came across this Upworthy video from the New York Times.

Nothing new but really!?!  One billion in Dark Money? Money is free speech? So I meandered over to Mayday and updated my voting registration through their link to my fantastically functional current state of occupancy.

Now I'll go to the polling location and cast my vote and then think does it freaking matter!?!  but I'll maintain my morally superior indignation.  My PLLC will probably also buy a pitchfork and keep it sharp just incase.

And by odious corporations, if your mind is drawn back to The Brothers Koch and why you don't hate them enough, I mean beyond their purchase our political and educational systems, I'm getting there. (Hint: it involves a fat lady, pornography and the New York Opera.) However, since 18 hours on my week off is evidently not adequate to complete documentation, it will have to be another day.

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