Wednesday, November 19, 2014


A painted taunt (NOT photoshopped) 
to tear down Matilija Dam, 
Venture County, California. 

After months of not utilizing my Netflix subscription, I have been overdosing in thought-provoking contentment on documentaries. 

Skateboarding a dam pipe outlet

Considering my profession and direct experience with the atrocious care, lack of compassion and idiotic waste of resources that ‘Merica seems content to foist on our vulnerable populations, I’ve taken to watch the pink-o-commie-people-should-matter-or-at-least-spending-resources-should-have-some-logical type of productions. 

Katie Lee 
in one of Glen Canyon's side canyons 
before they were flooded in 1963 
by the completion of Glen Canyon Dam 
and what she calls 
“Res Foul” (aka Lake Powell).

However, I recently branched out to environmental issues. Damnation was especially interesting to me because it covers Glen Canyon Dam and the formation of Lake Powell. 

Lake Powell is the destination playground for folks I grew up with who had a bit of cash and where folks with even more cash could participate in the my boat is bigger than your boat contest.  

I had no idea how many irreplaceable, indigenous relics and ruins were buried for reasons that . . . well, you see what you think. 

A painted crack and “Elwah be free” on Glines Canyon Dam, 
done in one night 
with a bucket, a rope and some enormous balls. 
Elwha River, Olympic National Park, Washington

It does lead me to ask, how has ‘Merica not been taken over by bees or toxic waste or any other consequence from complete excess while shouting down any calls for cooperation which are beyond toddler pre-nap level? 

Not to worry. I am sure Mitch The-Millions-Of-Dollars-I’ve-Acquired-While-In-Congress-Was-All-Completely-Legal-And-A-Result-Of-My-Hard-Work-And-Moral-Superiority McConnell will be the voice of reason. 

He was just waiting for his opportunity.

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