Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Meth Lab of Democracy

I wish this was my title but it’s stolen from Jon Stewart in describing various State Legislatures, including my current state of domesticity. This was back in February with the passing of the No-Wedding-Cake-for-Damn-Gays law.   

The cringe-worthy video of Anderson Cooper interviewing the Arizona brain trust Senator Al Melvin is below. It’s lengthy but before you decide to retire to the State of Perpetual Hot you might want to take a peek.

The other State Statute referenced is the All-Brown-People-Must-Have-Papers-On-Them-At-All-Times-Or-Get-A-Whoopin-But-Probably-Should-Get-A-Whoopin-Anyway-Because-They-Are-Brown law.

A brief Google search also informed me that the NFL moved the Super Bowl out of AZ in 1993 because the state voted against Martin Luther King Day. You know, the guy for peaceful resistance in the name of equality. When the NFL has the moral high ground, you might want to take another look at the issue.

Yesterday gay people could get married in Arizona. Attorney General Tom Horne has chosen not to appeal because “it would be a waste of taxpayer’s money” and my question is why stop doing that now? Fighting the inevitable with our unlimited state coffers is kind of his thing. Maybe he can expand tent city instead.

Best quote of the day?
“The world really isn’t coming to an end, it is just a really good day for equal rights.” 
Time will tell my friend. Keep those open carry weapons at the ready, just as long as you aren’t gay or brown or an Atheist or female.

Footnote: Arizona evidently WILL be able to host the 2015 Super Bowl. The new kinder, gentler, 1000 points of light NFL will be 6.8 miles from my house. Traffic will be awesome!

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