Sunday, October 5, 2014


A few days ago, I picked up my kid from Volleyball and we went to get groceries.  

I am currently driving a ridiculous little roller skate of a car because last week a kid ran a red light and hit my larger, much more to my taste and my girth, car. 

While attempting to complete this little mom excursion, a teen, in an elevated jeep, who was obviously late for a wilderness adventure, cut me off. 

At the same time, my daughter was setting up her voicemail. 

She listened to her personalized greeting and started laughing. “Mom! In the background, you are saying, ‘Really!?! Really !!?!!’ I’m never erasing this one.” 

At least that is all I was recorded saying.

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Jenn said...

Ha ha! That's great. I can totally hear it too.