Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Extremely loud music emanating from my kid’s bedroom at 5:30 a.m.

Kid completely startled that someone had not only entered the sanctuary and was standing 12 inches away.

Me: Well it is a good thing I’m not an escaped murderer because you wouldn’t have a chance. 
Kid: (Eye roll) Mom could you take me to Sugar and Spice before school? I’m meeting my friend because I owe her a smoothy. 

Drive to Sugar and Spice
Me: Did you know . . . 
Kid: Probably not, but go on. . . 
Wit and sarcasm! I have succeeded as a parent. 

Arriving at Sugar and Spice 

Young teen girl standing outside: Daaaaaaaad, you need to go away! 

Nice to see this is universal and not limited to my offspring. 

"If you have never been hated as a child, you have never been a parent." Bette Davis 

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