Friday, October 31, 2014

Just Incase Part I

Just incase you didn’t hate The Brothers Koch enough, I bet this will do it. 

If you need a little brush up, The Brothers Koch, part of the trifecta of American evil, are worth over $83 billion dollars, initially started in oil and then expanded into buying companies that make stuff. (There may also be direct contributions from Beelzebub, but that is conjecture on my part.) In the 1990s, Koch Industries lost a $296 million wrongful death suit and also agreed to pay a reduced $35 million in fines for Clean Water Act violations. 

Koch Industries, and I think we all know "Industries" in this case is synonymous with "Brothers", who own 85% of the privately held company, decided they better buy them some votes, and votes they them bought.

Because they are the poster boys for income inequality, arrogance and a system of government reminiscent of the Wizard of OZ, here is where things get a bit murky. For example, The Boys officially donated $20 million to political campaigns in 2012 but their donations are dramatically more and hidden by politically active dark money groups like Americans for Prosperity.

The Koch Political Network donated $400 million.  $400 million from $83 billion, even including the amount contributed from other network donors, is chump change and you can bet your last dollar that Karl Fired-By-Bush Rove is doing his best to buy the boys the entire Congress. Sadly, they have become the royal coffers for most national legislators on both sides of the aisle.  

Here is where Mr. Fired-By-Bush is worth his pennies. First, the perpetuation of the myth of the spontaneous grass roots political movements like Citizens for a Sound Economy or The Tea Party (which is funded by Americans for Prosperity.) As grass roots and citizen friendly as a fleet of Learjets. 

Second, arranging for the Koch minions to finance small, local politics. So what if it costs the equivalence of The Boys’ annual coiffures and several of the backed candidates are never heard from again? Some of the local winners will filter to the top and they will already be Koch property. Politics bough at a bargain.

Ah yes, you are saying, that is why I hated them.

Yes it is, but like all truly dark stories there is more! Let us put aside carcinogenic pollution, the skipping rapidly down the extinction lane with several endangered species and the dismantling any protection slash regulation slash compensatory agency. They are also purchasing the educational system. The Koch Family Foundation has “given” generous “donations” to over 150 Universities and Colleges. If you noticed the “ ”, and feel free to do the bunny ears quotation marks as you read, it turns out they aren’t so much “free” as dictatorial. A release of one agreement, which was not accepted, includes curriculum requirements and faculty requirements as dictated by The Brothers Koch.

Circumventing the frustrating morality of some institutes of higher learning, The Brothers Koch have been purchasing other education related organizations like the United Negro College Fund. It is an amazing coincidence that these “donations” are the times when the Oz curtains are pulled back and The Boys have a nice little photo op supporting disenfranchised youth.

There is more!?! Yes!!! The smoking gun of The Boys’ animosity factor? It starts with Daddy Fred who was evidently a dictatorial bastard and who made a bunch of money in the USSR before WWII. There are four brothers, including twins, and Daddy Fred fostered hostility and exclusionary competition culminating in removal of the eldest from his will. 

Then the family nastiness really got started. The middle son and one twin became The Brothers Koch and the other two became the Want To Be Brothers Koch. So accusations, bribery, libel, entrapment and enough money paid out in litigious activity to support a third world country commenced.

In the final legal assault, the oldest brother Koch was kept from acquiring the company in no small part by another old, rich, white dude, The Brothers Koch’s business partner and 14.6% stake holder, J. Howard Marshall II.

If you are a fan of the very public train wreck and unsuccessful gold digger Anna Nicole Smith you might see the connection. Hang on because the Marshall family is going to make the Koch family look well adjusted. However, I have exceeded my post length and will have to continue the story.

As a side note, the last Koch post I did was by far the fasted viewed post on my tiny blog. It was a little frightening to see what I assume to be the Koch Octopus searching for the Koch name in public media. 

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