Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An HOA Coup?

I am concerned about my HOA. We have had an unusual amount of rain over the past two months. 

By unusual, I mean transitory mini-monsoon type weather. Not good in an area where city planning was evidently done by retired Louisiana levy engineers. 

My yard has patches of actual green. Green! Green that within three weeks has made a respectable advance over the rocks. This is punctuated by the dead sections that gave up survival before the downpours. 

My HOA does not care for foliage either dead or creeping. However I have not received threatening letters or hostile visits. I think there my be a coup d’etat in progress.

Of particular landscape concern is a very prickly bush, completely brown and probably a fire hazard, that is strategically located to block my driver’s door when I park. I’ve kicked at a few times while walking by but it remains steadfast. 

Much to the relief of the neighborhood, I found a fantastic landscape guy. He explained the horticulture aspects of the plants and drip system in my yard. 

Evidently whoever landscaped the development knew their stuff because I’ve only killed the problematic bush and one of the palms in the backyard. 

There were some admonishments. “Plant are like kids. If you ignore them and let them run wild, then it is very hard for me to control them.” 

I’m assuming that sooner or later the HOA victors will emerge from their Battle Royale. Then they will utilize the $120 I send them a month to resume patrolling for delinquent foliage. 

My landscape guy may save my from yard foster care. 

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