Monday, October 6, 2014


By the time I entered adolescence, the self-identified “beat-downs” had become the “Beat” generation. 

The Beatniks had become a counter culture to color and hygiene, Daddy-O. But also a group that questioned what the hell was going on and questions are always good. Always!  

Then, as these things go, they became a marketing image and finally a clique. What a drag man. 

The poetry slam was not in keeping with my generation’s desire for entry to the Skull and Bones and world domination. 
It took a few years before I changed my perspective.  A reevaluation of a clique isn’t a bad thing and the derisive vitriol either stops or we will see how far down we will sink as a nation. 

Elementary by G Yamazawa

"We all want to feel like America some times."

"It is funny how people and flags have a knack for politely wave at the people they have forgotten."

"We have a habit of overpowering and taking what doesn’t belong to us but I pray for the moment where our tongues are the only thing left that we need to conquer."

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