Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bringing Booty Back

A post that is not depressing! No really!

I have been gloomy lately because, well Ebola and Syria and Paris Hilton. So here are three clips that make me very happy.

My absolutely gorgeous kid laments her lack of booty.  Oh honey.

With almost 200 million views, you’ve probably seen this but . . . Hello! 


A booty classic and one of my youngest's very favorites. She can quote the lyrics to punctuate any event. When comes to females, Cosmo 'aint got nothing to do with my selection.  36" 24" 36"? Only if she is 5'3". 


This last clip is accompanied by Parov Stelar  Booty Swing. Guess what era of dance I emulate. A hint . . . the one with maximum offspring embarrassment.  Naturally. 

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