Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Memorial service for Xiana Fairchild

A very disturbing and outrageous story about a life-altering mistake but also an important story. Read the update from Jamie at the bottom of the unworthy page.

Midsi Sanchez who escaped Curtis Dean Anderson

Here is what sticks with me. Missing girl, with relatives savvy enough to call a press conference is worth a 75K reward. 

Xiana's mother and boyfriend 

Pre-missing girl is worth minimal attention or funding to child protective services, the educational system, nutritionally support programs, after school programs, low income housing, law enforcement, parenting programs, child protection legislation, predator tracking or the justice system.  UNACCEPTABLE. 

Anderson was released from prison one month before Xiana vanished. He had been sentenced for abducting a woman and taking her to Oregon in 1991.

Midsi Sanchez leaves Highland Elementary School
Stephanie Kahalekulu, Xiana’s great aunt.

For several years, Stephanie Kahalekulu received donations for "Xiana’s Angel Tree" from the Hiddenbrooke community, various police officers who had worked on the Xiana case, firefighters, city officials and the district attorney's office.

Xiana's mother at Xiana's memorial service. 

$10,000 in Christmas gifts were given to 200 low-income Vallejo families.

Xiana Fairchild 

"The hard part is that we're doing this in Xiana's memory rather than having her here," Kahalekulu said. "It still hits you every once in awhile that she died. That she was killed and these (annual events) are in her memory."

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