Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Want to be happy?

Want to be happy?
Really happy? 
Like the opposite of not happy? 
A play list of four bits of happiness.

** UPDATE** 
Being so very proud of myself for making a special playlist of clips 
shortening the start time and end time, 
I should have know this was beyond my ability 
if you have my attention span 

Clip One: go to about 1:18

Clip Two: do a brief view to about 1:00 

Clip Three: I ended this at :35 because it has the F Bomb

Clip Four: this one is great but start at :35 
and go to about 2:35.  
Aside from her being absolutely gorgeous, 
the boys dancing with her are really cute. 

"There are short-cuts to happiness and 
dancing is one of them." 
Vicki Baum

#Dance #old 

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