Monday, September 1, 2014

That is puzzling - part two

The Facekini, a swimming mask that a Chinese woman of 58 invented to protect her face from the sun and jellyfish, but mostly the sun. 

And why? Because evidently the Chinese have a similar aesthetic to that of Western Europeans (meaning the French) up until the 1920’s.  

Before 1920, people with sun exposure were poor. Ask the Royal Court to pick carrots? I think not my Bourgeois friend. 

But in the 1920’s something revolutionary happened. Coco Chanel came back from a vacation with a tan and oh my if Coco had something, well need I say more? 

China must not have been particularly aware of Ms Chanel and stuck with the sun exposure ideal of peasant-in-the-field versus sitter-in-the home.  

Swing around to 2014 and the Facekini is getting noticed. Not just because it makes people look creepy as hell but consider the potential market!

The solution to the puzzle? First invest in what ever company is making Facekinis.  Second, the council for the accused, after referencing Revelations, needs to file a whatever it is they file explaining the need for the accused to don ultraviolet protection.  Consider the consequences.  

Facekini or facial modification is a toss up in creepiness but one edges to the respectable and one edges to the degenerate.  Now if Coco had come back with some nice facial ink we may have had a different story.  

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