Monday, September 1, 2014

That is puzzling - part one

A puzzle solved in two parts. (Evidently, I am big on parts which fools me into thinking I am making better packaging of my ridiculous need to explore tangential information.) 

A 33 year old male will be facing a jury for participation in a triple murder. His attorney is wondering if the jury will be unfairly prejudiced by the accused appearance. The accused’s teeth are filed into points, he has a large “666” tattooed on his face and he has horn-shaped implants in his forehead. The defending council also told reporters, “I don’t even know what 666 means.” 

I think I can answer those questions. It is highly improbable that anyone passing the bar in America is unaware of the reference to “the beast” and therefore sir, you are fabricating ignorance. More concerning than the actual fabrication is the assumption that potential jurors, upon hearing this disclaimer, would think, “Why yes, what does that mean?” 

In response to the first question, the answer would be yes. Yes, a jury of Americans who have not fabricated, in a more convincing fashion than the above representative of the court, a reason for not being on the jury, will indeed be prejudicial. 

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