Monday, September 1, 2014

That is puzzling - bonus!

Once again, with the disclaimer that because I am who I am, a few more favorites of sun exposure and body modification. 

One trend I can get behind is the support of women after breast cancer surgery.  

Women are choosing tattoos covering scars rather than any reconstructive surgery or partial reconstruction.  

A version of the Monokini is definitely a statement and considering the next beachwear options, mastectomy scar exposure is a socially valuable topic. 

There are Burkinis and Mircokinis. Both are likely to stir up some appearance-based dissonance in an American jury should anyone wearing either Kini be involved in a crime. 

Recent Reviews for a Microkini:  

One Star: Way to small, no support
One Star: Way too big 

However, because our Mark-of-the-Beast defendant is male, I want to mention . . . 

the C String! 

I’m going to let you figure out how they, in theory, stay on but here are some reviews: 

When I first tried on my c-string, I thought there was no way it was going to work. You really have to play with the wire a bit. In trying to get a good fit, I found that making sure it was tight against the body “between my cheeks” worked out the best, the very tip of the metal also had to be bent towards the body to fit right. Having made these adjustments: it is very comfortable, even for extended wear.

Pay heed to the item description. “One size fits MOST.” It stretches, but it’s hard - or perhaps impossible - to get all of your junk in this trunk. If your big mac is totally super sized, I’d say probably not your style.

I’m toned. Have an awesome ass. I’m not being nasacistic (sic) just realistic. This product dosnt (sic) fit without glue in your ass crack. If you don’t mind that type of thing, by all means! Buy every color they have.

Um. . . I’m going to say buying the c-string is a pretty good indication that the purchaser is narcissistic and believes the have an awesome ass, true or not.

Councilor, my point is, if you wear one of these babies or something similar, then at any given time, you’ve got at least equal odds that the jury is looking at your client's horns or at crotch. 

I should go to law school. 

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