Friday, March 16, 2018

Attraction is Breed Specific

Text from Mom finding a date for her daughter at the dog park.Attraction is Breed Specific.

The dog park might . . . 

I've said I love you to two women and every dog I've ever seen. Attraction is Breed Specific
regardless of the a-dog-brought-us-together-love-story trope . . .
My 93 year old Grandpa bought a puppy because, "Women love puppies."  Attraction is Breed Specific.
be the place to go to find Mr. Right, or Mrs. Right, or Mr. Right-Now. 
Women find men with dogs  attractive.  Attraction is Breed Specific
Women are more likely to go out with a man if he owns a dog. . . 
Two girl petting an Old English Sheepdog. Attraction is Breed Specific.
more than three times as likely. 
Guy caries his dog in a baby backpack to run errands. Attraction is Breed Specific.
A dog implies commitment and the capability of returning home on a semi-regular basis . . . 
My dogs tinder profile pic. Attraction is Breed Specific
which most women like. 
An unfortunate photo of two adult men dressed identically  with a cat and a fondue set. Attraction is Breed Specific.
Conversely, women are vaguely suspicious of a man who own cats.

Dog walker level expert. Attraction is Breed Specific

The type of dog is also relevant.

Golden lab hanging out under his owner's chair resting on his feet.  Attraction is Breed Specific

The top dog breeds to attract women are: 
5. French Bulldogs 
4. Siberian Huskies
3. Labrador Retrievers 
2. Golden Retrievers 
1. German Shepherds

Text from the dog. I'm at the park looking for the stick you threw. Attraction is Breed Specific.

Dog ownership also works for women looking to find a date. 
Nine adorable golden lab puppies. Attraction is Breed Specific
The top dog breeds to attract men are: 
5. Beagles 
4. Poodles 
3. Chihuahuas 
2. Labrador Retrievers 
1. Golden Retrievers
Happy dog on the train looking over the seat. Attraction is Breed Specific.
However, types of attraction are breed specific. 
A very happy boxer on the trampoline. Attraction is Breed Specific.

Find a guy with a Boxer or Rottweiler for a one-night-only type of attraction, while owners of Retrievers are assumed to be family material. 
Fancy poodle with pink bows. Attraction is Breed Specific.

Women toting Chihuahuas or Poodles are seen as less than discriminating in accepting male company. Retriever ownership by women, like with men, attract future spouses instead of strange bedfellows. 
A bull dog in the swing looks up at his owner. Attraction is Breed Specific.
And if you strike out at the dog park . . . 
Tweet from mom. You should freeze your eggs just in case. Attraction is Breed Specific.

A good place to meet a man is at the dry cleaner. These men usually have jobs and bathe. - Rita Rudner

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