Thursday, September 11, 2014


Years ago my sister had a Great Dane puppy. Her little son had named his fish Tommy Paper and so he named the puppy Tommy Newspaper

I had an Akita puppy.  

Great Dane puppies have those enormous paws and can’t get the whole limb movement idea worked out. 

They are also overly enthusiastic about most things. 
Akita puppies are a bit roly-poly but they get the coordination thing handled early on. They tend to keep an eye out and if something warrants action they will be all over it but only if it is worth their time. 

When they first met, the Great Dane was so excited there was another puppy to play with her while the Akita tried his best to pretend she didn’t exist. She would run up, jump around and run off then go into a slide and spin to see if the Akita was chasing her. 

Nope. He hadn’t even changed positions. Assuming he had misunderstood the game, she would run back and leap into a bow and bum wiggle. He would turn his head to the side and then look away. 

Next she would try exuberant barking while tripping over her own feet. As long as she didn’t come within nipping range he ignored her. 

Poor girl. She had to find friends who understood the joy of the Chase Me game.

The Teacup Great Dane?  

I think there might be some difficulty breaking into the  Teacup market.  

However life outside of Teacup tends to work out.  

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