Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Queue Up

Yes their should! My poor kids have got the check-out system down. All groceries get placed on the conveyer belt in logical order.  Bagging items all higgledy-piggledy is no way to shop! 

An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one. - George Mikes

Part of growing up is not waiting in line at a hipster breakfast restaurant. The eggs taste the same across the street. I promise. - Jason Segel 

The basic fact about human existence is not that it is a tragedy, but that it is a bore. It is not so much a war as an endless standing in line. - Henry Louis Mencken 

Want to pretend we are at Disney Land? (He stands in the middle of the living room and then moves up a small step.) We do this for a couple of hours and then go home. - My Brother-In-Law 

John Pinette - Lines Drive Me Crazy!!!


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