Sunday, September 7, 2014

Le Beanock

In my delusional state that I’m going to do something with my house, I Pinterest (it is to a verb) my little heart out and then feel justified in not unpacking crap 18 months post actual move. 

But check these out. 

That’s right. The Beanock! Beyond awesome and I need one for my 14 year old. 

I do not need one for me, unless they come in industrial strength and involve some sort of handy-person to instal a new structural joist or header or whatever building type term is appropriate.

Per usual inability to get anything done, I notice there is Beanock DIY! 

It is not a very accurate description involving several of these 2nd floor suspension deals

which are mind blowing, and I do have a two story home which is not typical in my area but, with my carpentry skills, if I attempted something like this, I’m sure it would result in massive structural failure and injury. 

Then there are these, which are clearly a cheat because these are all ham and no beans.

And I'm thinking more buy than DIY.  Come on Pinterest. Get it together!

And this is this which is clever but no. Just no. 

This I can do. 

Then, there is a board with expensive, hammockesque products. 

I am obligated to at least look because that is how Pinterest works! 

At this point, I think I need to shell out the $500 to get one of these suckers and move on to another pinning marathon. 

When it comes, I can leave it in the box for 18 months. 

Which I guess is the beauty of Pinterest. Look and don't touch. Pin and don't buy. Complete black hole of time management but has saved me thousands in confidently pinning something to come back too.

But seriously, don't you think ownership of this thing would make your silly, stressed out life completely marvelous? I'm Pinning it right now! 


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