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John Lowe a WWII vet, POW, retired teacher and ballet dancer in his 90s. Grandpa-de-deux.
This is John Lowe, a WWII Veteran and retired art teacher. He is 95 and started dancing when he was 79. 
John Lowe shows off some moves the Ballet Studio while in his 90s. Grandpa-de-deux.

In 1965 I became director manager of the small Strode Theatre in Street, Somerset. I would stand in the wings and sketch, thinking, ‘How I wish I could dance like that!'
I went to a dance school in the high street in Ely and asked if I could do tap and ballet and they said 'well of course you can' and I've been doing it ever since.  
John Lowe on stage Lantern Dance Theatre Company
The really important thing for me is that I am working with much younger people who treat me not as an old man – which I most certainly am – but as a friend. 
John Lowe poses at the Ballet Studio. Dancing while in his 90s. Grandpa-de-deux.
I moved into this place when I was 80 and the first thing I did was lay a wooden floor so I could roller skate on it and then I installed the ballet bar.  I move the furniture to do my ballet turns. I can get four in, if I cross the room diagonally.
John Lowe, looking dapper at the Ballet Studio. Dancing while in his 90s. Grandpa-de-deux.
There's nothing effeminate about it - you have to be incredibly fit to dance. 
John Lowe WWII in Malaya. Grandpa-de-deux.
John Lowe, 1942 in Malaya.
During World War II, I lost six of the best years of my life and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since.
John Lowe, WWII Veteran and Prisoner of War in Japan. Student of Ballet and Tap dance.Grandpa-de-deux.
I learned a great deal from the three years I spent in a prisoner-of-war camp in Japan. I realized that if you put your mind to it, you can do almost anything. . . We would go on trips to find furniture for the camp. One of our soldiers found an old piano. He knew all the old cabaret songs and taught them to me so that we could do concerts.
John Lowe a WWII vet, POW, retired teacher. At the Ballet Studio in his 90s. Grandpa-de-deux.
I am a lucky man to be alive and I love to entertain people. I think if people find it uplifting I am justified in doing the showing-off.
John Lowe, started ballet at 79. Captured mid jump. Grandpa-de-deux.
Mr. Lowe is certainly justified in doing the showing-off.
"Growing old with the determination to make the best of every day - or most of them."  - John Lowe. Ballet student in his 90s

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