Sunday, September 21, 2014

Arachnids . . . Warning - Ick Factor

Spider encounter part one: 
While stationed in Hawaii, we became acquainted with the Cane Spider. They aren’t aggressive and don’t have venom enough to harm people but they are big and creepy and I hated them. 

My three girls were pretty small and we had a few talks about living things finding their way into the house. Geckos are fine and please leave them alone.  Bugs are not fine and please close screen door or the eternal infestation of flies will commence. Roaches are disgusting and please don’t leave anything edible anywhere at any time.  (Lots of pantry food ended up in the fridge in an attempt to circumvent invaders.)

Centipedes are a special category and that is a run and get mom deal. Cane Spiders are big and fast and if you see one let mom know but not an immediate crisis situation.

One morning, there is a commotion downstairs. A Cane Spider ran across the corner of the TV and sat in the middle of the screen.  The six year old retrieved a clear container and was able to imprison the spider against the screen. She was calmly standing there waiting for me to decide on the plan of action. 

Much better performance than I or many of my adult friends had when encountering these bastards.  

Spider encounter number two:
Spider webs in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. 

When areas flood, 
the little Sheet Waver spiders 
collect in a condensed area and cover everything in webs. 

"I told you not to play with spiders." 

They are also called Money Spiders because they are considered good luck. 

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