Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wholesome Entertainment . . .

. . . appropriate for the entire family!

This could be an unfair assumption but if you've meandered over to this post touting wholesome entertainment, you might not be familiar with the musical interests of the youngsters now-a-days. 

However, if you have been in an automobile recently, you may have been the lucky recipient of ambient bass from a fellow motorist that resulted in involuntary vibration of your windows. 

When exactly did I start sounding like my Grandmother and are housecoats in my future?

Unless my 14 year old cares to discuss a current trend, there is having a clue about what is popular and then there is me and they are on opposite ends of the spectrum. (Not a photo of my 14 year old but she has informed me that Daisy Duke shorts are considered too long.) 

If you don’t know this bit of compositional genius, here is Talk Dirty to Me by Jason Deruolo choreographed by three guys.

Harem pants? Why is this trend returning?  

Did we not learn from our prior mistakes in apparel?

But wait! This is where it becomes fantastic!

Five harmonizing white dudes, including Kevin Spacey, in Gatsby-esque summer jackets and Straw Boaters professing double entendres is my definition of hilarious! 

True, it is another step towards housecoats and away from harem pants but it is a life choice I'm willing to accept.

One more piece of hilarity that demands some sharing, especially if you remember the early 80's and Soul Train. Note, while there is a Member's Only jacket sans shirt with a gold bowtie addition there are no harem pants.

And this is the Fallon adaptation.

A final note. Two years ago Jason Derulo fractured his neck in rehearsal. (His friend blinged out his neck brace for him.) 

While musical censorship hit practically every popular musical guest on the Ed Sullivan show; no "Let's spend the night together" for the Rolling Stones, no filming of hip thrusting and we all know who were are talking about with that behavior, 

no anti-government songs for Bob Dylan who walked out rather than change songs and no "Girl we couldn't get much higher" by The Doors who sang it anyway, 

I don't think risk of neck fracture was involved in many prior musical performances, censored or not.  Although choice in britches may lead to more incidents.  


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