Thursday, August 21, 2014

Well yes, it is about equality.

"Some day, by God, I want to throw a wedding for that kid."

Del Martin age 86 and Phyllis Lyon age 83 in 2008

“After being together for more than 50 years, it is a terrible blow to have the rights and protections of marriage taken aware from us. At our age, we do not have the luxury of time.” Physllis Lyon, after their marriage in 2004 was  voided by the California Supreme Court.

Phyllis Siegel age 76 and Connie Kopelov age 84 in 2011 

“I am breathless. I almost couldn’t breathe. It’s mind-boggling.  The fact that it’s happening to us - that we are finally legal and can do this like everyone else.” Phyllis Seigel 

Douglas Robinson age 60 and Michael Elsasser age 56 in 2011

“You bet your life I do!” Douglas Robinson when asked if he would take Michael Elsasser as his spouse, after 25 years together. 

Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones in 2013 

“We have been together for 46 and a half years and we have been married for three months and one day.”  Dr. Jones, a military psychiatrist who served in Vietnam. 

Jean Mixner and Madelynn Taylor  

Madelynn Tayor age 74 will not be allowed to have her ashes buried with her wife’s ashes in the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery. 

Taylor enlisted in the Navy in 1958 and was outed as gay in 1964.  She was "undesirably discharged". With a change in military policy, she became a veteran in good standing in 1979. 

Taylor arrested at the Idaho State Capitol 

“I really couldn’t see how the ashes of two old lesbians were going to hurt anybody.”  

“I’ve been discriminated against for 70years and they might as well discriminate against me in death as well as life.” 

"He's not going to be my president." 

Nope, he's not. 

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