Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lost In Translation

Possible points for creativity but I think something is getting lost in translation.  

I love the principles, if not the implementation of democracy. However, for completely lost in translation (democracy, look it up) let us turn to Ms. Megyn Kelly on Fox.

Ms. Megyn's false report on a South Dakota school ban of the Pledge of Allegiance resulted in death threats and more importantly a rise in Fox ratings. 

Personally I was worried that with the decline in Fox viewership, Ms.Megyn might be forced to turn to her assets to alternative employment.  

When the director of the school board was asked if he wanted an apology from Ms. Megyn, Fox or anyone of the defamation challenged, he responded: 

"When something is misreported, misrepresented, an incendiary headline that really doesn’t base anything on facts of the story, I would think that would be appropriate but I’m certainly not expecting it anytime." 

Well perhaps next time Ms. Megyn, of the creatively spelled Megans, can bring White Jesus or at least White Santa into play but that is a story for another day. 

To pilfer a quote from Lewis Black, I want to be kind. I do. But I can't because I have thoughts . . . and a basic understanding of some big words like "constitutional", "legal", "ostracism", "majority", "enforcement" and concepts like "ipso facto" and "sensationalized news product containing no actual news what so ever."   

Ms. Megyn, honey, a few points. First, spelling your name in an exciting new way does not make you interesting, intellectual or cutting edge. Second, I would like to refer you, or more appropriately your boss, to a concept of Naked News. In some of the once communist countries, the majority of one time comrades do not generally tune in for "sensationalized news product containing no actual news what so ever."  To hold viewers attention, attractive female tele prompt readers peel off items of clothing over the course of a 30 minute broadcast. So Ms. Megyn, times a-wastin' and get to peeling.

Finally, and this is actually directed to the individuals who agree to their face on a split screen with Ms. Megyn, have you ever heard of a program called The Jerry Springer Show? Regardless of the topic, your passion about it, your expertise and your ability to present information in a rational, linear matter, you will be drowned out by brawling and panty flashes. 

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