Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bill Cosby and Adolf Hitler - Sort Of

Which was actually going to be “Apparently, I was Brainwashed Part Three” but the bit with the Apparently Brainwashed kid is far behind on the tangential thought process.  

In my preteen years, one of my friends had several of Bill Cosby’s comedy records. I lived in a relatively small, fairly conservative town of caucasian inhabitants and while there were other Cosby touchstones, his comedy was not in the general milieu of our elementary school.  

But, my friend’s mom was this fantastic semi-outsider with more worldly experiences. She had moved into the town with her two daughters from somewhere out of state, possibly even the East Coast. She was divorced, a single mom and in graduate school and she would also occasionally swear. 

Pretty remarkable stuff and of course a bit of a veer from the main staples of entertainment was fairly awesome. This little group of white girls would listen to his records so often that we could recite long passages which made us feel not only hilarious but more sophisticated.  It was fantastic. 

So in my love for Cosby, we are going to have some clips because we can and because I’m not wasting my 3 AM hours of endless searching without sharing some stuff!

Cosby's son Ennis was shot and killed in an attempted robbery in 1997.  Ennis would greet people by saying, "Hello, Friend." Cosby and his wife started Hello, Friend, a charitable organization in Ennis' name. Cosby also released a compilation album of Jazz, Hello, Friend: to Ennis With Love as a tribute.

If you don't know the stories behind all the dancing, then you are, "Pitiful. Just Pitiful." 

A clip from one of Cosby's successful TV shows.  

Cosby's Sweater Tournament and the reason he owns so many sweaters.  

77 years old still hilarious.  

This clip is continued after Cosby practices being in a coffin at his funeral.

And once again . . . NO Hitler. 

You will be forced to come back we are going to delve into censorship and it is awesome and one of the defining moments of TV. You know if you miss it, people will come up to you and want to discuss the story and you might try to fake it, but it is pretty specific. Just trying to save you some embarrassment. 

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