Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Apparently, I Was Brainwashed - Part One

Here is a little story about Cosby, very funny kids, blogs and brains. More specifically, my brain and the malfunctioning therein as related to blogs, will be discussed.  

Apparently, I am now completely unable to focus on a task that requires more than 15 minutes of my attention. I find this distressing. 

For example, along with 14 million other people, I watched this county fair interview:

This kid is similar to several kids that I am happily related to. So blog layout: quick link to the clip then springboard to a few comments correlating my immediate and extended family dynamics, illustrate, post, feel validated and go to bed! 

Tragically no. For reasons that will become apparent, this post didn’t get completed until later but here is a follow up clip that is equally as charming:

So, after watching the initial clip, I recalled that there are similar clips which apparently I am unable to ignore because it is 1:13 AM and my dysfunctional brain is in no way going to go to bed. 

I find that links gleaned while trapped in the black hole of anti-productivity are similar to a bag of chips or possibly a bag of crack. Suggested consumption size is suggested by what party, under what authority, with what enforcement ability and for what consumer? Apparently, I am not the consumer the FDA had in mind when suggesting moderation was a possibility. 

While I rummaged for the other clips, I also contributed to my list of socks-related references (don’t you worry because stocking related humor is on it’s way), the disgruntlement I have with the TSA, beauty pageants, Monsanto, corporate welfare, corporations in general, welfare in general, Paris Hilton and the Axis of Evil. 

Spoiler alert: the axis has some expansion beyond the names Cheney spelled out phonetically for W to sound out while he was being televised deciding stuff.  

In addition, I made some contributions to the “people who are not dicks” category which is sadly much smaller than the other sections. 

Coming up:
Two more kids that are absolutely hilarious. 
Why the world needs Bill Cosby. 
The extent of my inability to participate with the world outside of Vampire hours.
Why two weeks of searching televised comedy shows from the last 20 years ends with Hitler. 

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