Friday, July 25, 2014

Positive Exposure

*This blog contains one F-bomb in a quote that really needs an F-bomb. 

I have a short list of people who are, if not the actual embodiment of the most vile characteristics of humans, are certainly saturated with more nastiness than most. 

Anytime I find a person, a group, a concept, a movement that counters someone on the short list, it makes me immensely happy.

Don’t miss the story of the twin sisters at 12 minutes. 

“All fashion professions are diabolic.  They are not a breeding ground for people with a hearts or souls.”

After being a fashion photographer for many years, “I looked into the camera and thought I don’t even have to be here.”

One mom, after having her young son’s photo taken, “It’s the first time I’ve ever had someone tell me how beautiful he was. He took pictures of him the way I see him not the way everyone else sees him.” 

“People come to my show and say you really captured their inner beauty. Fuck inner beauty.  These kids are gorgeous.”  

And who, on the short list, could this project possibly counter? 

I have to say, I do like Letterman much more and while the general depths of her cognitive inability is fairly evident, the actual display of moronic ineptitude is pretty damn amusing. 

Now I’m looking for the anti-Cheney.  Suggestions? 

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