Thursday, July 24, 2014


So have you already seen this clip? Below? At the end? 

Of course we have and welcome to the land of the new-fangled inter-web - Hello!?! 

I know, the auto-correct typewriter, stand up comedy on LP and the great VHS versus Beta debate . . . 

meets the 2 am web surf of WOW I can’t believe I can actual look at that up and find three reference images and one hundred and twenty suggested alternates.  

When I run across an awesome clip, I get a little stuck in the slower framework.  (I'm still holding on to bits and pieces from the Olympics. Yep that ship has sailed.) 

So the half-life may have expired on this but here is why Ray is getting a replay from me. “Old” people get marginalized at an earlier age and in a more dramatic way. 

It takes something pretty great to bounce and I’ll tell you straight up, I don’t have that bounce.  Anyone that does is my hero. 

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