Thursday, June 12, 2014

Texas, Cowboys and Suicide

I will freely admit that I haven't perused the Bible in, oh I'm guessing 25 years. But the beauty of the Bible is (and I'm going with the not-so-very-accurate, King James translation) whatever was in print in the 1980's is pretty much what is in there now. No update involving fossils, atomic bombs or Bill O'Reilly.  

I do not recall Jesus instructing the inadequately-ego-formed, id-run-amok, teenage shit-heads to completely destroy members of their peer groups. 

Now, Old Testament God, well sure.  In that account, just being young girl can get you handed over, by your dad, to a mob of homicidal rapists, with God's blessing. (Sounds pretty charitable and Christian to me.) 

What I do recall is a new law (the golden rule, love your neighbor, charity, forgiveness, etc.) which seems to be the opposite of teenage shit-head encouragement. Any theologians that can point to a cognitive error on my part? Was there a tour with New Testament II, The Revision and I missed it? 

I am very aware that it isn't one specific adolescent group that gets the brunt of verbal sniper fire. I am also very aware that it isn't just kids from the Church of the Bible as a Literal Record of History, that become little snipers.  However, in the realm of what makes my crazy, claiming to be a representative for Jesus while damaging someone for sport, is in the top 3. 

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