Monday, June 30, 2014

One Two Eight

My oldest two kids are just over one year apart.  They were both adorable, completely exhausting little girls with very different personalities.  

Montana, the older one, was a little shy and a calm, observant sort of kid.  She would quietly find a picture book, climb up by me and settle in to hang out.  

Sierra was the inventor of the toddler kitchen stealth-prank. She would hide in the in the lower kitchen cupboards. When she could hear someone coming, she would fling open the door and yell, BOO!  Then she would giggle wildly and move on to other activities. 

When they were toddlers, my mom bought them two identical toy puppies. Sierra discovered that the puppy didn’t make noise or a mess or scare anyone and she abandoned her puppy early on. Montana was not about to let a puppy be orphaned and became the mom of twins.  

She was just learning how to count and discovered she had, “One, two puppies!” 

Happy with this observation and not grasping counting as an ordered system representing an actual number, they were both named, “One Two Eight.”   

Talking to them, she would pat one puppy’s head and say, “One Two Eight” in a reassuring tone and then repeat the process for the other. Occasionally Sierra would swing in for visitation and Montana seemed content to share custody for brief periods of time. 

If they were misplaced, she would walk the hallway calling, “One Two Eight, are you?”

She is 19 now and still a very sweet, kind girl. 

Seriously, how gorgeous is this kid?

With those cheeks it's a good thing she uses her power for good and not evil because would you ever expect her of doing anything naughty? I don't think so. 

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