Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Land of the Bed/Desk

This little post starts with a confession. Glen Close played an attorney in The Jagged Edge. In several scenes, she sat on her bed, folders spread out while she did some attorney prep stuff. 

For whatever reason, that image resonated and the correlation of paper work while bed sitting became a goal. So a goal and years of working and voila, 30 years later, I have initiated the bed/desk. 

A typical evening in the land of the bed/desk, includes the personal laptop open and going, the work laptop open and going, a tally and list on actual paper with an actual pen and texting on one, if not both phones.  

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that mid-text, I will have typed a response and not pushed send. Hours later, after spending more time on documenting what I did than actually doing what I actually did, I’ll notice that my conversation was abruptly halted and now that it is 4 am, I’m outside of the polite text return parameters. 

This part I can’t blame on Glen or movies from the 80’s but the next consequence . . . well you decide. 

The other bed/desk outcome is about three million ink spots on all sets of sheets. I am evidently not capable of finding a pen post use or re-capping pens that I subsequently am not capable of finding. 

Now, Glen, I do give you a pass on laptops and cell phones but pens!?! Come on. Where is the disclosure about ink speckled sheets?

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