Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Can we return to the “Swear-able Moment?”

A summary of the formation of Swear-able versus Non-Swear-able Moments per my youngest child: 

Now that my kids have all reached reasonable swearing age and I am no longer restricted in my home life, my use of profanity, has returned to a baseline level.  

I do have some guidelines for the use of expletives. 

Profanity should occur in a semblance of grammatically correct structure, because if you are are in need of grammatical correction then who have you really damaged?  Hmmmmm? Who? Or whom? Well shit, I never remember which one it is. 

Cursing should contribute, rather than detract, from self expression and sometimes I require expression with a repeated slam of palm against the steering wheel while informing individuals of their lack of intellectual capacity.

On the occasion when my life needs a little revelry, and I need assurance that if there is a God and God is, as God is reported to be by some religions, not a despicable bastard (another use of the profane slipped right in there) then finding the clever or unexpected use of foul language in something amusing makes it that much more humorous.  Immature, definitely, but considering prior assumptions, the fact that I don’t burst into flames says a great deal about my place in the universe. 

I am guessing the clip at the end of the post is not what my child would classify as a Swear-able Moment 


if you are offended by the F’ bomb, then this NOT the clip for you. 


Keep on scrolling. 

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