Monday, June 2, 2014

Bust a Move

Nelda Bishop, 
her youngest granddaughter Winter Skinner 
and a very large protest sign

My mom and her granddaughter . . . 

Doing what all grandmas do when they are watching the grand kids . . .  

Davis County League of Women Voters
Because knowing things before voting is a good thing

protesting the intellectually challenged and morally bankrupt at the State Capital building.

Nelda and her three youngest kids 
at the U of U Law School graduation.

In addition to being politically minded, she graduated from law school after having six kids.

Being an advocate, educator and purveyor of Pro Bono justice doesn't prevent her . . . 

if the music is suitable . . . 

from occasionally busting a move . . . 

in 1950s cheerleader style as demonstrated by the Dancing Nanna.

You aren't going to lose in court if you lawyer walks in with some mad dancing skills. 

  Happy Birthday Mom!

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