Thursday, May 15, 2014

It’s NOT mother’s day until . . .

It’s not mother’s day until the quintessential Mother’s Day blog post is ready, and here it is.  Mother’s day festivities may began now. 

And why, you may ask, is this the quintessential Mother’s Day post?  Was there a vote? Was it held in the fine congressional tradition of creating a diversion while secretly gathering those with enough campaign contributions to ensure victory for the next 100 years? 


Here are the requirements:

1) In mom tradition, completion of a project will always occur after the date it is due. 

2) A portion of the material used in project completion will involve “borrowing” from another source.

3) Borrowed material will be identified only after the initial hipster market has declared it pedestrian.  Seriously, how many moms have the leisure time to peruse the obscure and “like it before it was cool?”

4) The essence of the message will be something consequential.  No clips of sleeping kittens.  Well, unless the kittens are enforcing the bigger picture. 

So, if you are one of those who have already loaded Kid President onto your Youtube Favorites list then you are probably one of those who, six months ago, pre-ordered your mom a bio-friendly, personalized version of the Chia Pet. 

Stop making the rest of us look bad!  

And the message of consequence? Watch and see. 

The Kid President Home page: 

Best part? 
“Paid for by my mom.” 

“The secret to changing the world? Moms.” 

And this one is defiantly a throw back, well past the Hipster dismissal period, but I still like it.   

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