Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thanks Fred (part three)

Retired Army Major General, Bill Branson, standing in salute to protest Westboro picketing at a military funeral. 

So the point is (and I’m sure you already had this one nailed down) Fred and congregation are so far gone on the train to complete melt-down, that in response, a diversified group of people have a common goal. Something to build on!

Several vocal Christian groups have been popping up, making it clear that one extremely bigoted “Christian” does not speak for Christianity as a whole. Even Jerry Falwell, who accused the Telitubies of homosexual behavior, called Phelps “a first-class nut.” I bet you can’t guess who showed up to protest at Jerry’s funeral.

Nate Phelps, estranged son of Fred’s, released a statement.  “I ask this of everyone. Let his death mean something.”  

A final note.  The Phelps did not have a funeral for the patriarch but at a recent Westboro protest, some counter protesters showed up, motivate to take the only real high ground. 

#Hell #Westboro 

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