Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Shipoopi Koch Brother’s Super PAC Part 3

Back to the Koch brothers and their meteoric rise to world domination. 

At the risk of boring you with numbers, I'm going to go ahead and put up some numbers and we'll just see how it goes. Make a guess at what they stand for. 


$2.50 is the per day maximum income level 
for half of the global population.


$11,670 is the US annual income poverty limit. 

47 of the poorest countries  

The combined Gross National Product 
of the 47 poorest countries is equal to the 
combined income of THREE (not 3%) 
of the wealthiest people on the Globe.

$2,161 or less 

$2,161 or less is the annual income for half of the globe.

$61,000 or less 

$61,000 or less is the annual income 
for 90 percent of the global population.

 $100 Billion  

$100 Billion is the annual income for Koch Brothers companies.

I’m circling back around to the Brothers and Sisters of Zion. When I started looking for more info about the Koch boys, the Mormons would seem to pull up in conjunction. Hmmm, I’m thinking, this should be interesting. But it's been a little odd. The names are paired but, evidently, any business they are conducting or relationship they have is not readily accessible. Hmmmm. 

So here is my theory (told in true attention deficit, tangential communication style.)

The Kochs already own a huge complex of varied business, PACs, schools, overseas manufacturing, media, lobbyist, PR firms and of course government officials. The media has cheerfully named the complex the Kochtopus.  

There has been some recent trouble for these misunderstood, monogamous rulers of the economy.  

It appears that some people don’t think politicians should be purchased. 
(Clearly, the politicians do not have the same reservations.) 

It appears that some people don’t want an oil pipeline running down from Canada, through the middle of the United States, and then out to the gulf of Mexico.  The boys haven't followed regulations as it is and the leaking network of pipeline already in place is a biohazard.  

Even with the anticipated payout for the brothers being in excess of $100 billion dollars, it isn't going to trickle down to those of us who aren't already billionaires or to those of us who don't have seats on Capital Hill.
(I’ll bet these are the same selfish people that didn’t want raw sewage running through the middle of the  streets in Elizabethan England.) 

It appears that some people don’t think it is appropriate for a company making record profits in the billions of dollars to continue to screw over . . . well, screw over everyone.  
(And to do it while vocalizing a level of hubris not seen since Stalin.)

It appears that some people don’t think it is a good idea to offer government subsidies and remove government regulation for the primary benefit of one corporation and it’s dual brother captains. 
(Especially while the law was put in place specifically to curtail the type of behavior the corporation is engaged in.)

It appears that some people don’t think bribery, price fixing, leaking toxic waste and doing business with tyrannical foreign countries that America is boycotting is a very good mission statement. 
(When the Koch brothers want your opinion, they will buy it from you.) 

It appears that some people don’t think workers safety should be ignored secondary to an extensive cost analysis.
(So in dollar terms, how much is one life worth? Evidently, it is considerably less than paying to repair a pipeline.) 

We are headed to the point where I start trying to wrap this up. I'm sure you see the stumbling block in going with the attention deficit, tangential thought, communication style.  That is compounded by the uncontrollable litany caused the by the possible zombie brothers. So for now, how about we hear a little refrain of the song that initiated this series of posts? 

On to part number 4 and the conclusion of The Shipoopi Koch Brother's Super PAC! After that penguins in sweaters, the latest insane move from the Creationist Museum and a Black Panther invents penis pants. It will be great! 

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