Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Shipoopi Koch Brother’s Super PAC part 1

The Bishop Family, late 1980's 

If you don’t happen to be one of my immediate family members who already know the attention deficit, tangential communication style; hang on and by the end of this I’ll bet you think to yourself, "Well that explains a lot. Now some of those other post are starting to make sense.”

Jamie, Wendy, me, Emily, Julie and Dan 

Were I smarter, I could figure out how to edit clips but I’m still having issues going from a PC to a Mac and mashup is way beyond what I can do. So this will be an interactive, participation post. (Super fun!)

My mom and her younger sister 
in Grandma-made fairy costumes.

To start, my family came from a musical theater appreciation background. With the technological breakthrough of VHS, I think we watched this clip about, what - ten thousand times?

The quality is pretty bad and I found other clips from different productions, but to be true to the hard-core sibling experience, it had to be Buddy Hackett. Watch a bit and come back. I’ll wait.

If you happen to be watching this with one of my sisters, you are now being treated to an enthusiastic rendition of the song.

So naturally we are going to jump from Shipoopi to Mormons. (Tangental thought or eventual tie in? Just you wait and see!)

The Mormons are a singing, dancing, musical writing, scenery painting, costume sewing type of people. I have my opinions about The Saints, but I do think they have a strong sense of community, an abundance of talent and they coordinate an enormous amount of family friendly activities.

And, a little side note . . . singing, dancing, musical writing, scenery painting, costume sewing . . . and they are excluding gays!?! Are they nuts!?!

Give this next clip a go for a minute and if you are as old as I am, you will probably be saying, “Hmm, not a great time for fashion and WHERE are Marie’s high / low boots?” And if you are younger than me, and there is a good possibility that you are, you are probably saying, “Hmm, not a great time for fashion and WHAT are Marie’s high / low boots?”

Marie had boots made where one boot would hit at mid shin and one that would end just below her knee. (I Googled as many combinations of tags as I could think of and no photos of Marie’s interesting apparel choices.)

Two more quotes about the inherent theater skills of Mormons.

“I grew up loving the classics like Rogers and Hammerstein musicals. I loved how happy and optimistic they were. But no one is like that anymore . . . except for Mormons.”

“Mormons and musicals seem about an inch away from each other. They always seem ready to burst into song.”

Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the guys behind the Book of Mormon Musical.)

If you’ve read the Feb 15th My Learning Curve post or if you are sitting by someone who shares a large portion of my DNA, I think you’ll get the tie in. And if you didn’t and you aren’t, I just find it amusing and reminiscent of the “Road Show” flavor.

I am exceeding the length of the optimal blog post and I haven’t made it to the Koch brothers so next up we are going to talk politics. Politics and religion, who wouldn’t want to talk about that!?!

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