Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That’d Be Great

But wait!  What about The Lucky Sperm Club? (Google it.) 

I am very concerned if we don’t keep invading the right countries then the 1% won’t have enough income to trickle down to all the private jet manufacturers and solid gold yacht designers and then they will all go on welfare and food stamps that the 1% pay through unfair taxation and rest of us, with our fancy requests for basic health care and refrigerators and non carcinogenic air and such, where will we be without the 1% looking out for us?  In a fine mess, that’s where!! 

So good call on keeping out of Rwanda because there might have been what, about a million people killed, but they were poor people.  And Columbia, well stay out of there, at least publicly because pollution is one thing but tarnishing the 1% with drug money, not through the front door thank you very much.

Now if we are looking for the next financial invasion, oh I mean venture, per the CIA’s report, the three wealthiest countries are Monaco, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. Anything Halliburton or the Bush Boys can do with those options?   

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