Thursday, March 20, 2014

Phrases of Social Darwinism

A few phrases, questions or utterances to avoid, unless you want to actively participate in life via the Social Darwinism experiment.

How fast do you think ______ can go? 
(Additional Darwinism points deducted if _____ involves a motorizes vehicle, a predatory animal or the police force.)

How much will you give me if I (walk on, slide down, go across, touch that, move that or take that) ________ 

Oh we don’t need _______
(Additional Darwinism points deducted if _____ involves an environment of sub-zero temperatures, a country with human rights violations, a bodily orifice or passage through something.) 

Also, not a hard and fast rule but if the phrase, question or utterance comes from an adolescent male, you might want to increase your attention so you aren’t caught unaware. 

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